Premium 1/2 mtr USB 3.0 Shielded USB Type A to B Cable


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This cable is well manufactured and designed to give optimum performance over longer distances with 24AWG Pure Tinned Copper cores. It also features a moulded connector within a strong Alloy Shell. The cable itself is shielded to prevent electro-magnetic (EMI) or radio-frequency (RFI) interference. Adhering to USB 3.0 specifications it is also supports USB data transfer up to the required 5Gbp.


Length- 1/2 mtr 

  • Tough & Strong - Both internally and externally with a shielded cable and external aluminium metal casings to preserve the connector inputs.
  • American Wire Gauge (AWG): 24
  • Connector 1: Gold Plated, Male USB 3.0 (Type A) 4 Pin; Gold Plated Pins
  • Connector 2: Gold Plated, Male USB 3.0 (Type B) 4 Pin; Gold Plated Pins
  • Conductor: Pure Copper,  [19/0. 08+/-0.008MM]
  • Braid Conductor Size: 16*5*0.10mm +/- 0.008mm
  • Aluminium Mylar Foil Shield: 15um
  • Jacket: PVC 60P, Half Matt Black
  • Diameter: 5.5mm +/- 0.10m
  • Fasteners Included: Velcro