Allsky Optics ZWO asi Camera holder


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The Allsky Optics ASI camera holder allows you to easily fit and remove your ZWO ASI camera from your All Sky system. Simply drill or cut a 2 inch hole in your case if not already present and glue the camera holder inside the case using epoxy, super glue or gorilla glue.. The side to be glued will need be sanded flat to provide a good 'keyed' surface.

The camera holder which was specifically designed by Allsky Optics comes supplied with a velcro strap of length is suitable for the uncooled ZWO cameras (120MM, 120MC, 174MM, 178MM, 178MC, 183MM, 183MC, 224MC, 290MM, 290MC, 294MC, 385MC, 1600MM).

Available in Red.