Allsky Camera casing - Full Build


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Please note - this product may show as out of stock, but I will always have the requied items in stock separately to build the whole unit... thank you.
Also due to the current lack of availability of raspberry Pi boards from suppliers I am unable to offer these boards. I can still build units if you have your own raspberry pi boards.

Apart from just offering the parts to build your own Allsky Camera case etc we can also offer you a completely fully built unit tailored to your needs.
So it basically becomes a plug and play ready to use Allsky Camera case.. you just need to provide the ZWO asi camera.
We also have camera cradles for Altair Astro GP Cams and the QHY5-11 cameras in stock.

The total build consists of the following-
  • Case. -All necessary holes drilled and sanded down.
  • Dome  - sealed to the case.
  • Dew Heater. - glued in place.
  • Camera Cradle. - glued in place
  • Split Cable Gland - Sealed and in place.
  • 5 mtr USB cable and 5mtr 12v cable  placed through the split cable gland. 
  •  12v cable is pre soldered to the Dew Heater.
  • 12v cigarette plug - Attached to 12v cable.
  • A standard Tripod Saddle will be built in to the unit for versatility of placement.
You can purchase separately our own 90 degree wall bracket designed specifically for the cases we build our Allsky Cameras with.

If you would like any variations to the above please contact us from the Home page 
using the “contact us here” link at the bottom of the Home page.

I can now offer these Allsky units with a built in Raspberry Pi3+ and 64gb mini memory card for WiFi network connectivity. Please contact me for full price.
(please note capture software will not be loaded on to the RPi)

So just plug in your Allsky Camera and join us at the Allsky Camera Facebook Group -