Launching Allsky Optics at kelling Heath, a do or die moment! 31/09/19.

Well, what can I say....? Saturday 31/09/19 for me was a nervous build up as I  set up stall at the Kelling Heath autumn star party for the first time under the new business name of "Allsky Optics".
We had been building up to this moment for almost a year since deciding to start a company dedicated to bringing to the market an affordable option for an allsky camera unit for the genaral astronomer at a sensible price!
How would we be received?

The previous days weather had been awful. It rained most of the day and in the afternoon we had the biggest thunderstorm and lightening display I had ever seen for a few years. The hurricane winds just lashed the rain over the campsite drenching everything and everyone!

So Saturday arrived, we set up shop early so that we were ready for the usual punters browsing the Astro goodies on display by other UK vendors.
Boom! The interest hit us like the previous days storm...  but it seemed to just continue all day.
I was taken aback by everyone’s interest, the reception was fantastic, so many questions and praise on bringing an affordable product to the market for the general astronomer.
So a big thank you for everyone’s interest and to those customers who bought products from us.
now the adventure begins....